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Copperfield Specialist Books

Copperfield Books have books on a wide range of subjects - please take a look at our subject index.

However, we and our many regular customers have identified a specialist slant within the following areas:

Rare and Antiquarian Books

and a London Books section for books relating to the capital city.

With the frequent acquisition of libraries and collections of specialist material, our stock is constantly evolving... please contact us

CURRENT GEMS within our stock include:




Antiquarian Books

  • "The works of Ben Johnson" in six volumes. Adorned with cuts 1783
  • The history of the flagellants; otherwise of religious flagellations 2nd edition 1783
  • "Life of a private gent" 1711
  • "The libertine; a tragedy" - T Shadwell 1676


London Books

  • The Wimbledon and Merton Annals 1904 1905
  • London and the kingdom - Reginald R Sharre in 3 volumes 1894
  • Changing London - Honslip Fletcher 1933


Anthroplogy Books

  • "As gypsies wander Juliette de Bairadi" 1st edition
  • "Habitat economy and society" C Daryll Forder
  • "The wonder that was India" 1963
  • "Essays in the sociology of perception" Mary Douglas
  • "Totemisim " J G Frazer


Poetry Books

  • "Poems of ossian" 1812
  • DG Rossetti's collected works vol 11 1901
  • Poetical works Sir Walter Scott,complete in one volume . Adam & Charles Black 1866
  • Poems of Thomas Gray . Printed at the Eton college press 1894
  • Poems by Allan Ramsey 1760


  • Art Books
  • "Dictionary of painters" Matthew pilkington 2 volumes 1824
  • "The ceiling paintings for the Jesuit Church in Antwerp" Part 1
  • "Degas Life and works" Denys Sutton.
  • "Our Breug"


Children's Books

  • JRR Tolkein companion and guide 2 volume boxed set
  • A collection of early rupert annuals
  • A collection of Howard Baker magnet reproductions
  • A collection of boxed and signed greyfriars book club facsimile editions
  • "Wyrd Sisters" SIGNED by Terry Pratchett
  • "Rip Van Winkle" Washington Irving. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham 1924
  • "The sleeping beauty" . Illustrated by Arthur Rackham 1920


Politics Books

  • "Secret history of Whitehall" 1697
  • "Life of Gladstone" in 3 volumes by J Morley
  • Signed editions by M Thatcher

We also have a large specialist library of Chinese political / historical books.

  • "Speed! the story of the schreider trophy" TS Denham
  • "A history of the air ministry" C Grey 1940 signed
  • "The lafayette flying corps" in 2 volumes 1st edition 1920
  • Nick Hornby "High fidelity" 1st edition with D/W
  • Sarah Waters "Fingersmith" 1st edition with D/W
  • Michael Redgrave "In my minds I am"
  • "Nastase" signed by author Richard Evans and Nastase
  • "Denis Compton" by Peter West. One of a limited edition of 500 signed by Compton
  • "The path to power" Margaret Thatcher. SIgned by Thatcher
  • "The downing street years" Margaret Thatcher

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